Newsletter: December 2009

Lorikeets News -
December 2009

by group leader Debbie Hayman

We have come to the end of another successful year at Goodna Scout Group ending with the 40th Birthday Celebrations.

I would like to thank the many helpers on the Day and during preparations who gave up their valuable time to contribute to making this such a great event.

This was a great day. We showed the community a bit of what Scouts is about.

We had enquires about every section so if you see some new faces around please make them feel welcome.

Each section will finish for the year in the week starting Monday the 7th Dec 09

The sections will start back: Joey's Tuesday 2nd February; Cub's Monday 25th January; Scouts Thursday 28th January; Venturers Friday 30th January.

There are events planned for early in the new year starting with the Jamboree in Sydney leaving on the 3rd January and returning on the 15th January we have 8 members attending this great event. You can follow the event on the Internet if you wish. End of year activities for the sections are: Scouts are going water skiing; Venturers are going Roller skating; Cubs Break up; Joey Break up.

Congratulations to Ciaus in obtaining your Promise challenge and James on obtaining his Grey wolf award.

Well done boys.

Congratulations also to Jack for obtaining his Red cord. The following cubs on obtaining their world friendship badge Zachary, Domonic, Natasha, Drew, Bradley, Oliver, Jeremy, Katherine, Connor, Lachlan, Michael, Jake, and Christopher James on his First Aide.

On a slightly different note...

Wanted: Group/Scout Leader

by group leader Debbie Hayman

I have informed the Committee and Leaders that were at the Xmas party that they would need to find a new Group Leader and Scout Leader.

Mr Wombat and I have been very involved in the group for the past 4 years and feel we can no longer make the commitment required due to our changed circumstances.

It is very important that both these positions are filled as it makes running the group without a group leader hard on the Leaders,

Bear will need someone to help him with Scouts preferably female but any man willing to take on the role is very welcome.

The Role of Group Leader is as follows:

  • To be responsible for the welfare, Progress and training of our youth.
  • To ensure the group is adequately staffed with Leaders and committee.
  • To ensure youth program is delivered in accordance with the charter.
  • To encourage effective running of the group committee.
  • To prepare a group plan.
  • Make recommendations with respect to awards.
  • Investigate any disputes.
  • Utilise the support and assistance made by the association as set out in group registration.
  • Ensure the group is run according to the group charter.
  • Ensure effective communication between leaders and parents and a friendly atmosphere for all.
  • To co-operate and maintain good relations with the community.
  • Personally undertake development training.
  • You are not required that you attend all camps all every section night/ activity.

    Please give this role some thought as it is a rewarding role and can make a big difference to the group.

    I hope you all have a very safe and enjoyable holiday.

    Merry Christmas


    Goodna Scouts 40th Birthday

    November 2009

    Goodna Scouts 40th Birthday

    The Goodna Scouts celebrated their 40th Birthday. It was a great day, plenty of rides and fun was had by all. Please click on the photos to have a look.

    Raffle Winners:

    1. K. Humbler 10. V. Keller
    2. J. Jensen 11. S. Jensen
    3. L. Bulbury 12. M. Lucey
    4. Q. Keller 13. L. Webber
    5. C. Floyd 14. F. Webber
    6. M. Humbler 15. M. Humbler
    7. M. Huges 16. M. Gilman
    8. S. Baylis 17. M. Thatcher
    9. K. Stickley 18. N. Hillier
    19. J. Miller

    A big thanks goes out to all the helpers!

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